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Noise to Signals to Business Models: Interpreting the Waves of Change into Risk & Opportunity

Join the Center for Excellence in ERM at St. John's University for the annual Spring ERM Event. Final agenda and speaker list TBD. 

Confirmed speakers include:

Stuart Horn, Director, Enterprise and Financial Risk Management, IBM

Claudio Martinez de la Vega, Director, Enterprise Risk Management, IBM

Fang Yuan, Risk Management Analytics Lead, IBM

Session title: Using scenarios, analytics, and cognitive technology to manage emerging risks


Rob Gould: Chief Audit Executive, Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Session title: Planning for Business Model Disruptions


Kathy Robinson, Chief Audit Executive, ADP

Session title: Noise to signals to business models - How ADP identifies, aligns, and links trends and previously unknown risks to their business


Arya Yarpezeshkan, Senior Vice President, Director of Risk Management, Western World Insurance Group

Session title: A Process for identifying, analyzing, and board reporting of emerging risks and opportunities