Oversight of Corporate Culture Webcast


Center for Audit Quality

Published on Dec 23, 2017

Sound corporate culture is a cornerstone of fraud deterrence and detection. This December 2017 webcast, hosted by the Anti-Fraud Collaboration, highlights leading practices on assessing and strengthening a company’s corporate culture. Hear from an expert panel, who share actionable recommendations that organizations can implement to deter fraud and misconduct. The panel also addresses oversight responsibilities of audit committee members, company management, and internal auditors. Expanding on insights contained in a 2017 National Association of Corporate Directors Blue Ribbon Commission report, Culture as a Corporate Asset, the webcast covers how culture impacts strategy, risk, and performance.



Mark Carawan Citigroup Chief Compliance Officer

Cindy Fornelli (Moderator) Center for Audit Quality Executive Director

Brenda J. Gaines Tenet Healthcare Corp. Audit Committee Chair

Gilly Lord PwC Head of Regulatory Affairs and Audit Strategy & Transformation

Paul L. Walker St. John’s University Schiro/Zurich Chair in Enterprise Risk Management


Watch the video replay of this webcast using the following link: