A Reading List for Strategic Risk Analysis

COSO, ISO, and many others continue to encourage organizations to think about the multiple dimensions of strategic risks—strategic risks in choosing strategy and strategic risks in delivering on that strategy. Since I teach Strategic Risk Analysis and have written on this subject, I frequently get asked about a reading list. Below is a supplementary reading list for my graduate course on Strategic Risk Analysis at St. John's. The list starts with disruption. I believe that sometimes, before a strategy is chosen, it is best to understand what changes, innovation, and disruptive risks exist that are likely to impact an organization.


  • No Ordinary Disruption (Dobbs et al.)
  • Big Bang Disruption (Downes & Nunes)
  • Your Strategy Needs a Strategy (Reeves et al)
  • Create Marketplace Disruption (Hartung)
  • Superforecasting (Tetlock and Gardner)


  • Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim & Mauborgne)
  • The Lean Startup (Ries)
  • Playing to Win (Lafley and Martin)
  • Brand Resilience (Copulsky)
  • Discovery Driven Growth (McGrath and MacMillan)
  • Upside (Slywotzky)
  • Innovator’s Toolkit (HBS) 
  • Geography of Genius (Weiner)


  • Achieving the Execution Edge (Bart & Schreiber)
  • Strategic Project Management Made Simple (Schmidt)
  • When Strategy Execution Marries Risk Management (Ow)
  • Seven Strategy Questions (Simons)
  • Strategy that Works—How Winning Companies Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap (Leinwand & Mainardi)


  • Not much here. Hope someone writes something good soon. I still use my lecture notes developed with Dr. Bill Shenkir (former Dean at the University of Virginia's Comm School) 15 years ago. Haven't found anything better. 

What are your best reading recommendations on strategic risk analysis?